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Valencia Pistachio

Valencia Pistachio

Step into a world of indulgence with our decadent chocolate cookies, each one a rich masterpiece filled with creamy Nutella and coated in freshly crushed pistachios. As you take a bite, an exquisite blend of textures and flavors unfolds – the crisp, tender chocolate cookie perfectly complemented by the smooth Nutella and the nutty crunch of pistachios. These cookies, adorned with intricate designs and artistic flair, are more than just a treat; they are a culinary work of art, promising an unforgettable and luxurious experience with every bite

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White flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, butter (unsalted vegetable butter), vegetable oil and salt.

Care Instructions

This product boasts convenient and secure transportability, ensuring ease of handling. With a shelf life of a minimum of one week, it guarantees longevity. For optimal freshness, refrigeration is highly recommended, ensuring each bite maintains its delightful flavor and texture.

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